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Ann & Walter 

Excellent online pilates classes. Denise delivers her classes with energy, enthusiasm, precision, humour and positivity. Her explanations are very clear. She layers each exercise up and down and encourages all ages and fitness levels. Denise always keeps it interesting and we feel more motivated, stronger and more relaxed after her pilates class. Thank you, Denise. 


I started Pilates at the start of the lock down with Denise through Zoom and OMG am I loving it! Denise is extremely enthusiastic and will encourage you to be the very best that you can be. She will modify the exercises to meet any challenges and push you further than you ever thought you could go. I now have more strength, flexibility, and energy than I could have imagined, as for the toning I have never been as toned!! (Thank you Denise).I attend 3 classes a week and never tire of the classes as each class is different and works different parts of the body. Even though the classes are through Zoom it’s amazing how you actually forget as it feels that Denise is right there with you in your own kitchen/sitting room. Never stop Denise  


I've been doing both Pilates and personal training sessions with Denise throughout the lockdown. Very simply I'm finding them both brilliant!  I'm working from home the whole time and like everyone else am struggling with a range of things from loneliness to aches and pains from a less than ideal office set-up to generally getting an overly and unhealthy focus on something tiny. Pilates literally gets me out of bed in the mornings and gives me a space to stretch out and just stop thinking - it has stopped the worst physical effects from working at home and more importantly the mental space it gives me is just incredible. The PT sessions are a really good check point for me with my fitness and strength. I've dropped a few steps back from where I was when the lockdown started but with them I feel I can get back to where I was and further!


Well for starters, living in Kells, I wouldn't be able to access your classes if they weren't being delivered via Zoom. So, if there are any positives to be taken from this lockdown, then, for me, you're're my No. 1 Positive!!! I find your classes to be enjoyable, challenging, varied and I feel so much better, both physically and mentally after doing them. In fact, after a class, instead of feeling tired, I feel more energetic and motivated to do more!  No class is ever the same, so I'm never bored - you never know what you'll throw at us next!! It's great too the way you have options for every ability level so there's never an excuse to opt out of an exercise. As you say, it's all about breathing and listening to your body!                                                

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