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Live Classes

Live classes will be held via Zoom. Book into class from 7 days up to 30 min before start time. You will then receive a confirmation email containing your zoom link.

*Please note that if you purchase the unlimited monthly plan you still need to book into each individual session

All classes will be recorded and uploaded to the on- demand library where you can pay to access it again.


See FAQ'S here

Pilates Mindful Movement Monday 8am, Saturday 10am

Mixed abilities class to get you using the right muscles at the right time with purpose and intent. Focusing on balance, posture, alignment and breath.

Pilates Slow Flow Wednesday 7pm

This full body stretch and mobility flow will help to restore lost range of motion, maintain joint health and increase mobility. A slower-paced session for all levels

Pilates Strength Friday 8am 

Are you ready to strengthen your body from head to toe? There will also be a particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and wellbeing

Kettlebells Saturday 11am 

Full body workout targeting endurance, strength, balance and agility. A mix of kettlebell, core and body weight exercises to ensure you feel pumped after your session is complete

Recommended Playlists for kb's:

1:1 sessions available

Ever wanted to know if you were doing an exercise correctly? Or if there was one exercise that you really wanted to get to grips with? A private virtual session might be just what you need to ensure your goals are met and are following the classes correctly. If this is something that you think you would benefit from, get in touch.


Live Classes

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