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About me 

Hello. My name is Denise. Here's a little bit about my background.


My first love of fitness came in the form of cross country running and from there I entered the fitness industry in 2009 to follow my passion for all things health and wellbeing. I became a fitness instructor and personal trainer and was given opportunities to teach all forms of training from TRX to Kettlebells, Spinning, Older Adult classes and classes for people with Special Needs. There is no class I don’t love to teach. During this time I wanted to continue my studies so I complete a First Class Honours BSc in Health and Physical Activity in Dunalk Institute of Technology in 2013 and an MSc in Adaptive Physical Activity In Dublin City University in 2016.

My love for Pilates started in 2012 when I became certified as a STOTT Pilates instructor. Here I really learned how to move more mindfully and realised the potential in slowing down and moving with intent. This is something I strive to teach you when you enter my classes in the hope that you place this newfound body awareness into your life both on and off the mat and while doing all other forms of fitness and daily living.

Today I am an Assistant Lecturer In Dundalk I.T and tutor for Litton Lane Training on a number of health and physical activity modules. I work as a fitness instructor and personal trainer in DCU Sports Complex and am now happily teaching my own online fitness classes. 

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